At D&B Accountants we aim to provide a fresh and new approach to Accounting and Financial Management, and do things differently. We understand that each individual client has individual circumstances and needs, whether it’s restructuring of your property portfolio, or making a decision on whether to opt in or out of the VAT scheme.

Whatever your personal circumstances and situation, we aim to provide you with a tailored service that matches your personal needs and the ever-changing tax laws. Having a diverse and ambitious team of accountants with experience covering Audit, Tax, Management Consulting and Regulatory Compliance means that the knowledge we hold will be at the fingertips of our clients.

Our experience ensures that we hold a skill set greater than the traditional bean counting and number crunching accountants, meaning we are able to confidently advise, guide and review.

Our aim is to work closely with you to achieve your ambitions and to ensure that you are continuously compliant resulting in an efficient and optimal tax and admin position.


We provide a full range of accounting and tax services and can offer a fully outsourced accountancy and bookkeeping service for your business, which is fully tailored to your business needs.

Our personal style of service provides continual assistance to both businesses and individuals to help them achieve their business and financial goals. Dealing with both start-ups and established businesses, we are here to help your business grow from day one.

The way we do things is different at D&B, see below for our approach on how we aim to provide you with a high level service from the beginning. We offer a tailored and personal service where we will aim to put your needs first by identifying what you or your business needs, creating and agreeing a plan of action, and efficiently delivering on this.

As a Xero Partner we provide our clients with access to efficient, reliable and stress free technology allowing you to enjoy the rewarding side of running your business, or being self employed. See below for more information on Xero.


Xero is the world’s easiest online accounting system, designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses. As a Xero Partner we provide our clients with access to Xero resulting in both time and cost savings, and an elimination of the ‘stressful side’ of running your business allowing you to enjoy the rewards of being self-employed, or a business owner.

See below for some benefits of Xero which will result in direct cost and time savings for your business.


Your bank statements are automatically imported and categorised, letting you view your business cash flow in real-time.

You can manage your own billing. Xero lets you enter your invoices quickly and efficiently, letting you create a schedule to automatically generate and email invoices on a regular basis.

Xero has all you need to run your business; paying bills, VAT returns, reporting and much more. Xero requires no installation, maintenance or additional software.

Xero is a secure, web-based tool, used on the internet, so you can access it wherever you are. Your data is secure, private and always backed up.


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